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If your Digital balance or scale breaks we can fix it. When your scale needs calibrated, we can handle that promptly & efficiently with NIST traceable standards and documentation. Emergency loaner and rental scale equipment is available to keep your operation running. Almost all scale manufacturers recommend some type of periodic calibration and maintentance routine for your digital and mechanical scales and balances. Central Carolina Scale can help you set up and maintain these important check ups, so that your scale service and calibration schedules are followed properly. Our technicians arrive prepared to provide these essential services, ensuring your scales are weighing accurately. Complete documentation will be provided, usually the same day.

The focus of is to provide you resources related to weight scale repair and how to repair digital weight scales. We do offer scale repair services and scale calibration and if you browse our site you will find everything from error codes for certain brand scales to operators manuals and user guides for scales plus spare parts lists for digital scales. We don't just focus on scale repair Raleigh NC but for the entire United States. Sometimes we get asked how to repair weighing scales and the answer depends on the brand of scale and the cost of the scale. Years ago it was pretty easy to figure out whether or not you wanted to repair your scale or buy a new scale. However, with today's low prices on electronics, in some cases it makes more sense to just throw away the old scale and buy a new one. So back in the day when somebody would call and say I need my Toledo scale repair quote or I need my Fairbanks scale repaired it was an obvious service opportunity. However with the pressure of lower prices today, it is not such an easy answer.


When your scale or balance breaks --- we fix it. When it needs calibrating -- we will be there for you promptly, & efficiently; with NIST traceable weights and documentation.


With Central Carolina Scale you get more!


  • Weights. Our Entire Fleet of Vehicles carry at least 500 lbs. certified traceable test weights for the best test and calibration of your devices.
  • Experience. We pride ourselves on having experienced state certified technicians.
  • Equipment. Our two heavy capacity TEST TRUCKS were fabricated & designed from the ground up for efficiency and the best possible test of your heavy capacity truck scale. Two Motorized carts and hoist ensure the best test!
  • Calibration Service Agreements --You may be surprised at how little it costs to have the accuracy of your devices assured year round. Let us quote a service agreement for you today!
  • UPGRADES. Technology changes. Now is the best time to upgrade those old scales. Many times, for less than the exchange price of a board, we can upgrade your weighing system to new state of the art equipment.

Get the Central Carolina Scales Service ADVANTAGE!

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