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Truck Scale Spring Maintenance

Anytime you are about to enter your busiest time of the year, you need to make sure your most important items are checked and working well. For many people with a truck scale, that fast paced time is the summer season. Let's discuss annual truck scale routine maintenance. Springtime is usually a good time to get this carried out, due to the fact all the melting snowfall producing water, dirt and rocks can ruin your truck scale operations; washing trash into pits and foundations, and damaging equipment. Along with the critters who've taken up residence over the lengthy winter months. Many times it is best to do subsequent procedures in late spring season to ensure you are ready to go in time for the fast paced summer time.

Topside Housekeeping
Go for a walk around the outside of the scale. Analyze the entire deck, scale pit, foundation and approaches for any major structural or surface area problems. If you see any deterioration, mend them promptly. Any deck and approach mend is not merely cosmetic; those damages can have a bad impact on the scale. Flaking rust and crumbling concrete falling into the pit will add maintenance costs now, but in the future they will also reduce the scales' usefulness.

Keep The Pit Clean
In many years of maintaining truck scales, the most frequent reason for incorrect weighments is trash in the pit binding movements. Clean all grime from every single portion. Bear in mind, even though the majority of scales as of late are electronic, they continue to have moving elements under neath. Load cells still need to be able to deflect through their capacity range. A real life case in point might go something like this. A customer wants us to determine what was causing his scale to weigh inaccurately. It absolutely was quite an urgent situation since the scale has been red flagged and the complete business was closed down as they simply tried to work out the problem. Well, the trouble was simply a single piece of gravel wedged between the weighbridge and side of the foundation.

To cut down on future problems, the scale owner should invest in flexible rubber T-Grip or T-Strip molding. These moldings, while being adaptable enough to work with the movement of the scale, will keep debris from creating situations and inevitable problems for the scale. Depending on the scale design, the molding could only be essential to cover the end gaps where the trucks enter and exit the scale. Scales weighing open trucks or sloppy businesses can even need side molding to shield against some spillage dropping into the pit.

After all the components are in order, amply lubricate all moving contact points with heavy bearing grease. Don't forget load buttons that fit into load cells. We recommend coating grease on all moving parts that touch one another other than the manhole cover grab handle.

Load Cell / Lever Hybrids
When you have a hybrid lever scale converted to digital readouts with an S-beam load cell, you need to check a few more items during the inspection.

In an ideal world, it's best to substitute any damaged load cell cables instead of splicing them. Cable splices are prone to wetness accessibility, resulting in a new variety of complications. For further wetness safety measures, replace j-box desiccant, or fill the box with waterguard gel.

If rodent or radio frequency interference are difficulties, switch to a cable offering both rat protection and EMI/RFI protection, see the EL147RP cable. For protection against rodents only, run the cable through conduit or in the Rice Lake SURVIVOR® Cable Armor. Finally, complete a section calibration.




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