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Model 1040/1040XL Scale Indicator
Weigh-Tronix introduces the Model 1040/1040XL full-featured batching indicators. They simplify batching and help manage feed costs. Large alphanumeric displays, automatic ration adjustment, internal memory, flexible programming, accumulators and ID functions are a few of the reasons this duo should be a part of every efficient batching system. With options including a wide variety of remote displays, wireless remote transmitter, and the Transfer Data System, this system is extremely adaptable..

'The TDS-40 / TDM-40 is an easy-to-use data collection system that can be\r\nused with any Weigh-Tronix scale indicator equipped with an RS-232 serial\r\nport. It provides a simple means of storing and transferring data from a\r\nscale to a computer. The TDM-40 features a full 64KB of memory (equiva-\r\nlent to 1600 lines at 40 characters each) and is virtually maintenance-free\r\nsince there are no batteries to wear out. The TDS-40 software program\r\nallows you to quickly upload and save the scale data to a folder of your choice.

RD-125RF Remote Display
Producing accurate rations and viewing scale information from a remote location is easier than ever with the RD-125RF wireless remote display. Now the loader operator can benefit from having a remote display right inside the cab. With the RD-125RF, straining to see a display on the mixer is eliminated so loading exact amounts of each ingredient can be accomplished with confidence. The indicator transceiver communicates via radio frequency to the RD-125RF transceiver.

The RD-125RF is currently available to interface with a 615, 615XL, or 1015, indicator that is set up with a serial port.

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RD-1012M Remote Display
Mirror Mount Remote Display Interfaces with the following indicators: 600, 615, 615XL, 700E, 715, 915, 915A, 1015, and 2015
Compact size (2.6"H x 5.2"W x 2.4"D) 0.7"
LCD with fiber-optic backlight
Choice of cable lengths: 30', 50', 75', 100'
Provides driver with a safe, convenient, and more accurate way of monitoring feed
Unlimited adjustment for perfect viewing angle
Flexible mounting system (sold separately, P/N 53813-0014)
Adapts easily to side-view mirror support arms without modification

Simple up-down weighing, Gross/Tare/Net function and adjustable motion filtering.

Similar to the 615 with big 2 inch display digits for easy viewing.

NCI-Weigh Tronix Scales

Multi-purpose indicator with numeric keypad and single set-point alarm for loading/unloading.

Gross/Tare/Net indicator with memory channels, ID and statistical functions. Ideal for animal weighing.

Gross/Tare/Net indicator with memory channels, ID and statistical functions. Ideal for animal weighing.

Batching indicator includes memory to store recipes and completed batch records.

Relay Control Unit interfaces with 1015 for automated batching of multiple ingredients and recipes.

Full-featured batching indicator with alphanumeric keypad and display. Helps manage feed costs and operators with detailed accumulators and time of day recording.

Large, easy-to-read 2.0" display and all the features of the 1040.

Complete TMR management with wireless radio frequency communications to Feed Supervisor PC program.




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