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SUB0138 8000AIS Adapter Cable
Connects 8000AIS AC Power Supply to 8000MIS Indicator,
two (2) foot length.
SUB0296 8000AIS Interconnect Cable Plug
Male connector
SUB0297 8000AIS Interconnect Cable Receptacle
Female connector
SUB0209 Main PCB Assembly
For use on 8000MIS indicator, either the model 8000IS battery
powered or model 8000ISAC line powered units. There are no
field serviceable components on this PCB - it must be replaced
with a factory unit - no component level servicing is allowed.
ENC0231 “U” Bracket
Tilt stand bracket for use on 8000IS battery powered system indicator only.
Use the standard “U” Bracket, P/N ENC0145-2 on the 8000ISAC line
powered system indicator.
CNT0070 Power Connector
Jack on 8000CIS, Male 3 Pin connector on the back of
the indicator or battery charger. The connector on the end
of the battery cable and the battery cable are to be factory serviced only.
SUB0301 Touch Panel
Includes special lens assembly for use on 8000MIS indicator only. Applies to
either Model 8000IS battery powered or 8000ISAC line powered unit. Refer to
special installation instructions that come with this part to properly install it.
MAN0019 Dealer Manual
Please Note: Factory level service is required for battery and cable
(See Service Page for Rates)

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