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Doran Scales 4100 and Weighing Equipment Spare / Replacement Parts

SUB0241 Main PCB Assembly - 2 board set; Micro\A-D\Display
Specify capacity & resolution
ICT0008 Program Memory IC - Main or UIB PCB, Specify Options w/capacity
(Specify Capacity)
ICT0006 Microprocessor IC - 8039 for Main or UIB PCB
SUB0003A Pushbutton Assembly - For Zero, Print, Convert; Includes Rubber Boot
SUB0003A-SS Stainless Steel Pushbutton Assembly - For Zero, Print, Convert
SUB0003A-1 Pushbutton Assembly 3 Pack - 3 of SUB0003A
SUB0003A-1-SS Stainless Steel P/B Assembly 3 Pack - For Zero, Print or Convert
SWI0007 Rubber Pushbutton Boot
SWI0048 Stainless Steel Pushbutton Boot - Comes with rubber boot
SUB0004-1 Foot Assembly Set - Rubber feet; S/S 10-24x1 screw; set of 6
HDW0042 S/S Foot - Sold Singly, for 18” x18” & larger bases
1/2-20 NF thread
WCB0066 Power Cord - Shielded, 8 ft long, 18/3 SVT
FUS0001 FUSE - 3 AG, 1 Amp, Fast Blo
LEN0002 Inner Display Lens Assembly
Specify capacity & resolution, black plastic
LEN0017 Outer Lens, Clear Lexan
HDW0005 AC Power Line Filter - 115/230 VAC
SUB0001-4 Transformer, Standard - 115/230 VAC, for use with standard
4100 18” wire leads
SUB0001-6 Transformer, High Power - 115/230 VAC, for use with Digibar


or UIB Options, 18” wire leads
SUB0086 Rubber Gasket, Rear Panel
16” x 7”, full rear panel cover with ESD foil
SUB0086-1 Gasket & Screw Set, Rear Panel - 24 standard & 4 cross-drilled 8-32
S/S screws with rubber & metal washers;
rubber gasket for 12” tower rear panel with ESD foil.
GSK0004 Calibration Port Gasket
ENC0255-5 Rear Access Panel - 16” x 7”, Stainless Steel, full rear panel cover
GSK0001 Gasket – Access Plate (Old Style)
GSK0003 Gasket – Tower to Base Plate (Old Style)
ENC0023 Access Plate – Old Style (Approx. 3” x 5”)
MAN0001 Operator’s Manual for 4100 Scale
HDW0011 Bubble Level
SUB0235 Calibration Port Cover
1” x 2” S/S w/gasket & srews
SUB0366 22 Pin Flat Cable, 6”
Interconnect from Main to Display PCB
SUB0024 16 Pin Flat Cable, 6”
Interconnect from Main to UIB PCB
SUB0202 16 Pin Flat Cable, 18”
Interconnect from Main to SSR PCB
SUB0085-1 Rear Panel Screw Set
24 standard & 4 cross-drilled 8-32 S/S
screws with S/S & captive rubber washers.

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